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We live in a world where technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate and management of that technology is key to excellence and growth, and reputation is everything. At Int Tec Solutions, we pride ourselves on being partners to our clients’ success. Robust, secure technology that you can rely on isn’t an afterthought: it’s critical to your organisation’s success. Int Tec Solutions has worked with thousands of organisations for more than two decades, providing exceptional technical expertise and service excellence.

We are uniquely positioned to provide a competitive advantage through our Consultancy Advisory services with our specialist team and skillsets. We are leaders at growing and supporting businesses through optimised ICT solutions.

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Trends & Insights

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Cyber Security & Digital Threats

Int Tec embraces a security strategy that permeates the entire cyber landscape of an organization and actively involves personnel in establishing and maintaining the highest level of security possible.

content management

NBN: The New Frontier

The rollout of the national broadband network, or NBN, is a landmark milestone for connecting many Australians to the new higher-speed digital landscape.

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Intelligent Content Management

Sophisticated enterprise content management solutions offer the ability to create a data ecosystem that is defined by order.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is all the rage right now. It is frequently touted as the future of business technology, and the statistics on cloud usage are compelling.

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VOIP & Unified Communications

Today’s communications market is more complicated than it has ever been, and its continuing to evolve quickly. The largest challenge for most organisations…

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CIO Advisory

Digital Solutions applied to daily problems. The role of the CIO has changed dramatically over the past few years, pushing the expectations…


Enjoy the confidence of knowing you have support, when you need it

For over 21 years we have grown to become the largest ICT provider in our region. What does that mean for you? It means you have a trusted partner for your IT and communications needs, no matter the size of your organisation. We work with small-to-medium businesses as well as larger businesses in health, education, government, and more.

Whether you need a cutting-edge new application, website, an overhaul of your existing systems or designing and installing brand-new technology infrastructure, Int Tec Solutions is the right choice. Click to learn more about our services.

Network Solutions

Our experienced, highly qualified team of network professionals can design, install and support network infrastructures including wireless and mobile systems. We deploy and support Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions.


Cyber Security

Keeping on top of cyber security threats can be a time-consuming and daunting task – fortunately you don’t have to be the one to pore over the latest trends, because our security specialists are there for you.


Content Management

The influx of highly diverse content points to the urgent need for companies to invest in content management in order to take control of all types and sources of content. Let us take care of it all for you.


Cloud Services

Our knowledge, skills, and experience in cloud system design, implementation, and management is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of our cloud solutions, and our excellent reputation in this field.


Support Services

Int Tec Solutions is a one-stop technical support provider, offering comprehensive managed ICT solutions to clients while providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring and managing an internal ICT team.


IT Consulting

We deliver leading-edge solutions from our in-depth knowledge and consulting experience, so our clients can focus on their core business knowing they have the right ICT fundamentals for their needs.


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Who We Work With

Whether you work in private enterprise, government or for a multinational corporation, we develop solutions that solve key business challenges. We work with businesses looking for change, moving towards growth and to the future of partnering with technology which becomes the driving force of any business. Our partnerships with our clients is our philosophy of underpinning everything we do, our customer-focused technology solutions deliver real value and built on the principles of integrity, reliability, loyalty and commitment to your success.

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