Int Tec Mildura has undergone several substantial changes recently and is pleased to announce its evolution into their new brand name  Int Tec Solutions – representing the company’s commitment as a comprehensive managed solution provider for the past 21 years!

While Int Tec Mildura has a strong reputation for their comprehensive knowledge and expertise, these traits will be a core component in the business plan for Int Tec Solutions, along with an added emphasis on learning and evolving to meet the rapidly changing needs in the IT industry as well as a comprehensive approach that addresses all of the IT challenges that clients may face.

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In addition to the evolution to Int Tec Solutions, the company is pleased to offer a new website that allows for up-to-date trends and insights for new and existing clients to keep on the pulse.

Int Tec Solutions makes IT easy for its clients by offering a range of customisable services, including but not limited to the following business operations:

  • IT Support – The team at Int Tec Solutions is able to provide managed solutions that are tailored to meet differing client needs. They offer dedicated IT support services as necessary to resolve issues, and can also assist with remote administration, preventative maintenance, backup and recovery functions and user training.
  • IT Consulting Services – Our knowledge and expertise can assist by informing almost all areas of business, including governance, risk and compliance, threat intelligence and intelligence assessments, security awareness and training, and technology infrastructure consulting.
  • Cloud Readiness and Migration – For organisations considering a complete or partial migration to the cloud, our team can assist with this process from start to finish to ensure that everything goes smoothly and while minimizing the impact on operations.
  • Intelligent Content Solutions – Our experts can assist with your data management needs to ensure that you have a simple, scalable solution that provides access to the right data when you need it.
  • Managed IT Solution– A virtual CIO or CISO service can be provided on a retainer basis to secure consults on strategy, operational effectiveness, and other topics that may be of concern to clients.
  • Development and Design – With experienced software experts and web developers, our team can help to ensure that your current architecture is working optimally or they can assist with bringing new ideas to fruition.


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This transformation into Int Tec Solutions represents a huge leap forward for the organisation by opening the door to new opportunities while still ensuring that the values and ideals that made Int Tec Mildura an industry leader are still central to the organisation’s mission. This represents a new chapter that will be forged by a continued commitment to providing the best level of customer service possible.