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Int Tec Solutions has been in the business of application hosting services since 2004, long before cloud computing gained the well-deserved traction it enjoys today for cost and time efficiency. Our knowledge, skills and experience in cloud system design, implementation and management is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of our cloud solutions, and our excellent reputation in this field.

Our cloud services include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud Readiness Audits & Consulting Services
  • Cloud Solutions Architecture & Integration
  • Cloud Cost Modelling
  • Cloud-Based Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Cloud Hosting, Management & Monitoring
  • Cloud Security Assessments

Software-Defined Networking

Software-Defined networking, often referred to as SD-WAN, is the next big leap in cloud computing. It moves existing networking resources to the cloud, thus joining the hosted applications that are already there for many organisations.

SD-WANs provide a more holistic approach to the IT design and promise many of the same benefits that are found with existing cloud computing services.







Despite these huge benefits, the path to SD networking will likely be challenging, and the most commonly cited concerns for cloud adoption include: the complexity of the networking, interfacing between the cloud and legacy systems in a hybrid model, meeting security needs, unpredictable performance and navigating challenges that may arise. The experts at Int Tec Solutions can assist with all of these challenges and more to ensure that your cloud migration, including any SD-WAN additions, goes smoothly by providing consulting and support services that span the entire process – from planning to post-implementation support.

it consulting

Cloud computing is all the rage right now. It is frequently touted as the future of business technology, and the statistics on cloud usage are compelling.

According to Gartner1, cloud computing (including applications, infrastructure, platform, and networking) will total a $206 billion market by 2019.

Network Solutions

Our experienced, highly qualified team of network professionals can design, install and support network infrastructures including wireless and mobile systems. We deploy and support Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions.


Cyber Security

Keeping on top of cyber security threats can be a time-consuming and daunting task – fortunately you don’t have to be the one to pore over the latest trends, because our security specialists are there for you.


Content Management

The influx of highly diverse content points to the urgent need for companies to invest in content management in order to take control of all types and sources of content. Let us take care of it all for you.


Cloud Services

Our knowledge, skills, and experience in cloud system design, implementation, and management is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of our cloud solutions, and our excellent reputation in this field.


Support Services

Int Tec Solutions is a one-stop technical support provider, offering comprehensive managed ICT solutions to clients while providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring and managing an internal ICT team.


IT Consulting

We deliver leading-edge solutions from our in-depth knowledge and consulting experience, so our clients can focus on their core business knowing they have the right ICT fundamentals for their needs.